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Kodachadri / 03 - 04 Sep 2016

With beautiful clouds below you and a view of the sun sinking in the Arabian Sea, Kodachadri is a complete package.

Tadiandamol Coorg Trek / 03 - 04 Sep 2016

Located in Coorg, Tadiandamol peak on looks beautiful meadows, beds of flowers, clouds floating in front of you, peace, calm and pure essence of nature

Tavoor Hills Coorg - Ridge Walk Trek / 03 - 04 Sep 2016

Tavoor hills, one of the non commercial and unknown pair of hills where one can be amongst the clouds, the open skies and the magical ambience of Coorg!

Savandurga Day Trek / 04 Sep 2016

Would you want to see the sky from the largest monolith in Asia?

Bavikonda & Kilchikia Peaks Ridge Trek / 10 - 11 Sep 2016

Climb on 'open face' of the mountain to be among the lesser know virgin Bavikoda & Kilchikia peaks. A perfect destination for a non commercial weekend!

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek / 10 - 11 Sep 2016

Be Hampi, In Hampi to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site & immerse in the joy of bouldering, trekking & unfolding the mysteries engulfed in this magical land called Hampi!

All Women Day Trek - Kunti Betta / 11 Sep 2016

This sunday break all the shackles, explore yourself and live limitless in an All Women’s Day Trek to Kunti Betta in Pandavapura

Sharavati Backwaters Island Trek / 17 - 18 Sep 2016

Sail the backwaters in a coracle and reach your own private island along with trekking at the uncommercial forests of Sharavathi Valley

Kudremukh / 17 - 18 Sep 2016

It is said to be one of the most beautiful treks in South India. Especially after reopening for this season, it offers lush green meadows, denser forests, view that makes you forget the city!

Makalidurga Day Trek / 18 Sep 2016

Hike on the railway track in between the wildest narrow valley of rural Bangalore to Makalidurga Hill. These grounds have been historical as well as spiritual, perfect place to live the thrill.

Kopatty Coorg Trek | Dubare Elephant Camp | Water Activities / 24 - 25 Sep 2016

Perfect weekend trek to enjoy the beauty of Coorg, jump into a water raft and interact with the elephants

Gokarna Beach Trek / 24 - 25 Sep 2016

Trek next to a beach, rock climb on rocks semi submerged in the ocean and hear the ocean speak to you.

Kunti Betta Day Trek / 25 Sep 2016

Follow the trail taken by the pandavas and watch the sun from the hillock to witness a crisp of cool wave from the lake next to the hill.





The travel bug has bitten almost every soul on this planet- from Kashmir to Paris, Kanyakumari to Maldives. A long weekend in Bangalore is definitely a big reason to escape the traffic, brewery and pubs. Trust me; half of the month passes by in convincing friends to plan for..



When you are up there feeling victorious after challenging your body and spirit, we tend to look inside us. A new revelation of who you are and your limits and your strength emerges. The hills let you rediscover yourself and sometimes a new you is born. While standing on the..



Many a times in life, one does not realize the importance of something until it passes us by. The trek was like a new dish made up of bizarre ingredients for me. Imagine. A bowl of banana chocolate chips with a dash of salt topped with caramel whipped cream. Strange but..



You know the best part about treks? It’s that fraction of a second just before hitting the climb. I gaped at the scars and injuries on my bare hands. They spread across my palm and shredded my skin, like artful brushstrokes across the thick canvas. Staring back at..



The excitement for my first night trek was not hindered even after suffering a terrible migraine pain on the unpleasant day of Saturday; 9th January. After repeated failed attempts of curing it with the help of medicines and sleep during the day, as I was not at all motivated to...



Travelling solo doesn’t always mean your alone, sometimes you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last for a lifetime - Jacqeline boone I pondered on the thought of going for a solo trip from a long time. I just wanted to kick start this notion. Since I have lot of..



Be Our Blogger is a free service for self-expression and communication to increase the availability of information on trekking, camping, mountaineering or any outdoor adventure. We encourage a healthy debate to make possible new connection between people.

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Akshara M

I'm an avid reader and an awkward writer; a wanna-be traveler and a reluctant grown-up; a nomadic city-dweller and an obsessive runner. In short, a happy coincidence of random things.

Nidhi Srivastava

Business analyst by profession, writer by passion. Wishes to travel around the world and pen down every experience into a story.

Dishha Agarwal

An IT Professional, passionate for Dance and Music. Loves to read and write(given the mood)

Navya Sah

Navya is a writer and film student from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. She loves adventures and horror stories! Anything adrenaline pumping is her sorta thing!

Deepa Sividas

I am someone who believes one should never miss an opportunity to travel and explore the world. So much to see, so much to experience and so much adventure in this world.

Ramya B

Ramya is an explorer from Bangalore. She tries to rightly balance her work and travel and finds joy in small things while travelling. Having recently discovered the joy and power of solo travel, Ramya Knows No Limits!

Vindhya Samji

A happy-go-lucky soul looking to travel as much as possible .Seeks happiness in painting, loves to talk and is lately exploring her passion to write.

Mansi Jain

A lawyerly foodie and a dancer, who loves music, photography, cooking, reading and writing. Is passionate about exploring things, people and cultures in form of travelling. Enjoys going beyond limits.

Tesslyn Antony

Tesslyn loves the outdoors more than the indoors. Likes to do new things, explore, learn and challenge herself!

Susmitha Vani

Thrillchaser , a travel bug and a mountain addict . In travelling I find peace and makes me feel alive and happy. found my passion and never gonna stop exploring till i reach the ends of the earth. #wandermore #exploremore

Pallavi Poosarla

Pallavi is an IT professional, loves to explore !! Is Passionate towards dance and music.

Sushmita R

Sushmita is a Down to earth person and enjoys a good sense of humor. An ardent reader and an ambitious corporate employee, she loves adventures and is very passionate about music.

Anushka Sivakumar

Anushka is a powerhouse of energy! A bibliophile,a natural writer, passionate singer and a very curious star gazer. Thoroughly enjoys her moment of peace when she is out there in nature.

Sowkhya Patil

Sowkhya Patil is a writer from Davangere, Karnataka. She believes in following her heart and finding a piece of herself through adventure. A political science student in Bangalore, she is passionate about yoga, food & travelling.

Anugrah Singh

Anugrah truly knows no limits. Has done it all from traveling the world to cliff diving to scuba diving, just name it! A firm believer in giving back to the nature, is currently flying planes!

Sahil Chelaramani

Sahil doesnt stop at anything. A very curious person who loves to get out of his comfort zone. A software developer by passion, claims to see the matrix.




We are looking for people who are equally mad for outdoors. We believe there are no limits and we expect the same. Working outdoors sounds great but there is always a flip side to the coin. It is a tough job but rewarding if it is your passion. With the adrenaline rush a sense of responsibility is what makes it last longer. If you think you have it in you then this is the right platform for you. You will love working with us.

The main responsibility of you would be to observe the trekkers and enforce appropriate safety regulations from time to time. You should be more like a mentor, a motivational force for the team. It is the experience that makes a difference and this is what we expect from you. Being a outdoor leader is an opportunity for all those enthusiasts who want some first hand leadership skills.


  • Must connect with nature
  • At least 21 year old
  • Experience in camping and trekking
  • Ability to connect with people and safely manage treks if given a chance
  • Positive Attitude and Motivational speaking power


If you meet our criteria for the job role then apart from being paid for your work you can be a part of the treks and explore the mountains for free. If this pumps adrenaline in your blood then download the form below and send it to

A graphic designer is responsible for all the visual impressions of the website. Your role is to develop the content with the creative ideas appropriate to the world of outdoors. You need be updated with the world of software for the graphical objective. The designs by you can be used for banners, displays, posters, communications and the identification in the outdoor world.


  • Must connect with nature
  • A creative mind to produce new ideas
  • Developing the concept to suit the ideology
  • Digitally enhancing the quality of the images for website
  • Keeping update of the latest art technology in form of softwares


If you meet our criteria for the job role then apart from being paid for your work you can be a part of the treks and explore the mountains for free. If this pumps adrenaline in your blood, mail us your details at or

There is something in man that responds to the challenge given by a mountain. George Mallory



An individual profile of the photographers will be created on the website and the work of the photographers will be showcased. It can be served as a platform for all those passionate outdoor photographers with a chance to be a part of our gallery. And a special recognition to showcase the image in the carousel if selected.

Only images related to trekking, camping, mountaineering or any outdoor adventure and the beautiful nature will be accepted.

Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Submit the entries to with a 30 word description and a display picture.


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Abhishek Yadav

I'm a ball of fun & adventure with a smiling face, witty nature and in my hand a loaded camera always ready to shoot and kill! By profession I'm an engineer,but by heart I'm a nature boy. Warning, you will be shot if found infront of my camera :D

Prasenjit C

Prasenjit lives to travel and relive the travel with his clicks

Vinod Patel

An enthusiast and passionate photographer who loves to click pictures that portrait beauty of nature, be it in regards to Nature, Wildlife, Travel or Landscape Photography.

Richa Gandhi

Software Engg by profession and a Traveller/Photographer by heart, born with a wandering spirit, I live to explore. I believe in living like a local wherever I go to. Cheers to the wandering hearts!

Abhijith Ravindra

Abhijith is a techie by profession. However, very passionate about photography. Loves to capture nature, landscapes, long exposures, sunsets and everything that can tell a story.

Mansi Patel

Being an Architect, photography not only broadens my perception of the world but also teaches me to look very closely into minute details. Hence photography makes me a better designer, a better Architect & most importantly a better person.

Udit Jain

Photography is a way of explaining the world to myself and so is travel. My solo travels help me to get lost so that I can find myself. It is a different experience to meet new people, share stories and sometimes feel vulnerable too.

Vidit Singhvi

A passionate photographer, sees things differently from his lens and believes that art is the purest way to express yourself in this society!

Kiran B

A photographer by choice and a corporate employee by the day, the enigma of nature's beauty has inspired him to capture the different peaks and nature trails in India.

Sumit Bose

Two of my great passions in life are travel and photography. The images taken by other photographers have inspired me throughout my many adventures, so now I hope my own contributions will inspire others to go out and see the world for themselves.

Rachit Kavi

Rachith believes that ​​nature is the best way to discover oneself. He likes exploring - hiking in the woods and mountains, cycling in the plantation estates, running in the countryside, photographing random things on the street and traveling to any place


Agni is a born explorer, follows his heart with his camera and considers travelling as an essential part of his life.

Bhaumik R Rajdeep

Bhaumik is a passionate outdoor photographer who loves travelling. He has deep interest in trekking and is also a part of clubs which are into the wildlife preservation.

Nimisha Dakoria

Photography for me is like meditation. Initially I took it as a competition with myself. Now I take it as an another journey of my life to find meaning within me & myself.


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